Rachael Sigee - freelance feature and lifestyle journalist

I am a freelance journalist living and working in east London. Jonathan Van Ness liked something I wrote about him.

Also important: I was a regular contributor and opinion writer for The Pool, mostly covering pop culture, feminism, film and TV reviews and lifestyle, and I write celebrity interviews for Waitrose Weekend. Recent interviewees include Carey Mulligan, Freddie Flintoff, Jonathan Pryce, Sharon Horgan, Kate Nash, Michael Morpurgo, Desiree Akhavan and Joanna Scanlan. In autumn 2018, two of my articles were published in The Pool’s Life Honestly book.

I have written for ELLE UK, Broadly, Red Bulletin, The i Paper and Refinery29, and also do editing and web production shifts and chair panel discussions where I continue to struggle to use microphones correctly.

Before that, I worked at the Evening Standard for five years where I started as News Assistant and was regularly sent to cover stories that involved me posing for photographs in, on or next to over-sized objects like giant martini glasses. I then moved on to be a Feature Writer where I sometimes still posed for awkward pictures to accompany stories. I predominantly wrote interviews, lifestyle trend pieces and arts features.