Rachael Sigee - freelance feature and lifestyle journalist

I am a 29-year-old freelance feature and lifestyle journalist living and working in east London covering arts and entertainment, women, pop culture, health, food and drink, travel and technology.  I have written for The Pool, The i Paper, Broadly, Refinery29 and Waitrose Weekend.

I have also worked on a major city guide project for SUITCASE Media and chaired panel discussions where I continue to struggle to use microphones correctly.

Before that, I worked at the Evening Standard for five years where I started as News Assistant and was regularly sent to cover stories that involved me posing for photographs in, on or next to over-sized objects like giant martini glasses.

I then moved on to be a Feature Writer where I sometimes still posed for awkward pictures to accompany stories. I predominantly wrote interviews, lifestyle trend pieces, arts features, guides and commentary covering everything from TV's spoiler culture and transgender representation in Hollywood to adult tree climbing and how to have a greener sex life.